Her Dad Didn’t Want A Dog, But Now He Tucks Him In And Sleeps With Him Every Night

Some things in life are worth trying at least once – riding a roller coaster, waking up early to see the sunrise, and owning a pet. Rachael Rodrigues begged her parents to get her a dog for years, but without success. Despite having no issues with owning cats, her dad opposed getting a dog, fearing all the duties and responsibilities that come with owning one.

Seeing that their daughter wasn’t going to ever give up on her lifelong dream, Rachel’s parents decided to get her a dog as a graduation present. Rodrigues fell in love with Oliver, her adorable new dog, as soon as she laid eyes on him, but much to her surprise, she wasn’t the only one in her family who fell for him.  

On the first week of Oliver’s arrival, Rachael’s dad kept carrying Oliver around the house while hugging him. When the family thought their doggo suffered from stomachache, her dad spent a few nights sleeping with Oliver on the floor and rubbing his stomach.

Her Dad Didn't Want A Dog But Now he Sleeps With Him

While he’d never admit it, Rachael’s dad treats Oliver as if he’s his newborn baby child. The video below captures the moment Rachael’s dad caught Oliver sleeping on his pillow, and instead of setting limits and taking his pillow back, he chose to tuck him in and give him a good night kiss.


Mr. Rodrigues treats Oliver just like a huge, furry, oversized baby, and while he’d never admit it, he enjoys every second of it. It’s hard to believe he never wanted a dog in the first place.

Share the story of the dad who didn’t want a dog until he got one with your friends who don’t like pets… Who knows, a few pictures and videos of someone who was just like them might make them change their minds.

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