These Dachshunds Are Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day

They’re short, they have tiny legs and their name is almost impossible to spell. We’re talking about Dachshunds – one of the sweetest breeds to ever walk the earth. Dachshunds go by many names, including; Sausage Dogs, Wiener Dogs, Doxie, and many more. Whichever way you chose to call them is your business, but one thing’s certain – these adorable Dachshunds will surely brighten even the darkest day!

Dachshunds have an incredibly developed sense of smell. They were originally bred by 15th-century German hunters, to hunt burrowing animals, and particularly badgers. As a matter of fact, the German word Dachshund translates into “badger dog”. These hunters even used larger packs of Dachshunds to hunt animals as big as wild boars.

Despite being relatively small in size, Dachshunds are known to have a huge personality. They have loud barks and they know how to demand their owner’s uninterrupted attention when they need it.

Because we know that all it takes to brighten the gloomiest day, are a few pictures of Dachshunds, we put together a collection of the breed’s most adorable moments, enjoy!

I’d have a bite of that

They need to be kept nice and warm in the winter

And well protected from the rain

Check out this one’s THICK legs

Dachshunds with phat legs may Brighten your Day
Unknown (but too adorable to pass)

Me on Zoom conference calls


Aww, they have matching raincoats, how cute is that?

Before and after being told that she’s a good girl

Look how looooong this one is

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