Dachshund Works At UK Pet Store As A ‘Chief Meeter And Greeter’

In the past, people bred dogs to help them perform specific tasks like hunting, tracking, and of course, cuddling. It’s no news that even nowadays, humans use canines to police, or help people with disabilities, but, while many may not realize it, some dogs are also being utilized to meet and greet customers. That’s right, Frankie, the hardworking Dachshund in this story, works at his owner’s pet store as the ‘Chief Meeter And Greeter’.

By now, Frankie is already a pro meeter and greeter. After all, he’s been doing this job ever since he was only 9-weeks-old. His mother, Judy Laine, saw his potential and brought him to work with her. Now, more than a year later, Frankie is one of the pet store’s most dedicated employees. 

Apart from helping with the store’s daily chores, Frankie spends entire days sitting next to the entrance and greeting everyone that walks in by jumping at them adorably. His devotion didn’t go unnoticed by his mother. Laine got the adorable doggo custom made uniform that he wears with pride.

The other employees at the pet store love having Frankie around. They chase the mischievous doggo around the store and sneak him biscuits when Laine isn’t looking. Frankie is also the store’s official promotional model on social media. He even has his own hashtag – #PAHFrankie.

Now that the adorable pooch mastered the art of meeting and greeting, it’s time to move on to the next challenge. Laine said that they’re considering promoting him to be the store’s ‘official chief taster’, which sounds like a very serious responsibility. We’re sure that he’ll be great at it.

Watch the video below and discover what a typical day of a chief meeter and greeter looks like:

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