Cyclist finds a puppy in the middle of nowhere, brings him for the whole ride

Amidst a cycling trip in Brazil, Eduardo Reis was training with his cycling group when one of the team got a flat tire. The group stopped to repair it and caught the attention of an abandoned puppy. 

He was looking at them with sad eyes from across the road. Someone had dumped him, leaving the small dog in the middle of nowhere.

Eduardo knew he just couldn’t leave the defenseless dog behind, so he took him to have a scenic ride with the cycling team.
Of course, Warrior the dog was glad to jump on and get to riding!

The little puppy was very calm and let Eduardo carry him with ease, knowing he was being saved.

Eduardo later took little Warrior in, fostering him for a period until he found his forever home. 

Warrior is now living with his loving family, getting pampered and being shown all the affection this little puppy deserves.

Surely Warrior is feeling grateful for that flat tire!

Posted by Eduardo Reis on Thursday, February 15, 2018

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