Crow Makes German Shepherd Play Catch With Him

Dogs just wanna have fun, and they don’t even care who they’re having fun with. If you have any doubts about it, check out this video, showing how a sneaky crow makes a German Shepherd play catch with him. It’s a known fact that crows are intelligent creatures who can learn new tricks, but did you know that they can also teach others new tricks?

The unlikely friendship began when the German Shepherd’s dad took in this orphaned crow when he was just a little baby chick. The unusual trio, enjoyed each others’ company for a couple of months before it was time for the baby crow to spread his wings and fly away. One of the things that stayed with them ever since was their favorite pastime – playing catch.

The crow, who obviously cherishes the days spent with his unusual friends, regularly visits them. And he doesn’t come empty-handed. With each surprise visit, the crow brings a different trinket, that’s often stolen from the man’s neighbors. The man repays the bird by offering a small snack before playing their favorite game – catch. We wish these three that their fascinating friendship will only grow bigger with time!

Watch how the crow makes the German Shepherd play catch in the video below:

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