Court orders Farmers to surgically de-bark their dogs

An Oregon court has ruled that within the next 60 days a couple must surgically “de-bark” all dogs on their sheep farm.  

This ruling was done after the neighbor’s years of enduring of barking from as early as 5 AM, for more than a decade.


The Oregon Court made the decision this week, stating that the dogs’ owners have not done enough to quiet their pets, as the reason.

Beside the deformation of the farm dogs, the owner explains the barking serves a useful purpose – to defend the livestock and alert from predators.


Debra and Dale Krein, the next-door neighbors, filed the lawsuit. They said that legal action was a last resort. 

Courtroom document shows the couple has suffered from the noise of at least six dogs since 2002. The couple filed suit only ten years later.

A jury awarded them $239,000 for “dealing with the public nuisance.” but they insist that nothing has happened to stop the problem.


The Kreins originally requested the dogs be removed from the area. De-barking was ordered by the judge as an alternative at the request of the defendants.

Sharon Harmon, Executive Director of the Oregon Humane Society, commented:

“Really? This is where we are? We have to surgically de-bark a dog when we can do so many other things?” she said. “I’m really perplexed why a judge would make a dog pay for the owner’s responsibility in this case.”

The owners are left with a 60 days window to execute debarking on all their dogs, which might result in a raspy, high pitched voice.

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