Couple stops for gas in the middle of a road trip, finds an adorable puppy waiting

Emily Trost and her boyfriend embarked on a 10-week road trip, but little did they know about their soon-to-be trip companion.

While passing in Montana state, the couple stopped at a gas station to get gas. Upon leaving the convenience store, the two found a sweetest dog laying patiently near the car, as if waiting for them.

Thinking she was probably somebody’s dog, they went to look for the owner at the station. After asking around, they decided to wait with her until her human comes back. 

After waiting for some time to no avail, a woman approached telling the couple she had been feeding the dog for some time now. She was pleading for them to adopt the precious pupper.

The pup was covered in thorns, twigs and dirt all caught in her long hair, showing she was indeed a stray waiting for a loving home to take her in.

Emily and her boyfriend agreed to at least get the dog to a shelter, and they all hopped in the car. However, after spending just a few moments with the precious pooch, they knew it was permanent.

Emily immediately fell in love with the dog’s quirky personality. She named her ‘Montana’ after that state where she had found her new family.

After that Montana’s life changed forever. She seemed used to humans feeding her, but had no idea what kind of life was waiting for her at home.

7 months old Montana loved the hikes, running and going for a swim during the long trip, joining happily to any adventure. She even learned in time that whenever a tent was set, it was their home for the day.

After coming back home from their trip, Montana was introduced to a happy pup life with many toys and walks, and many many cuddles and kisses.

For the first few days, She was sleeping a lot and getting used to human beds. After opening up Montanan showed a goofy personality, loving playtime and cuddling with her family. 

Best ending anyone could ever ask for!

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