Couple Sees Sad “Unfriendly” Dog’s Photo And Drive 6-Hours To Change His Life

As dogs find themselves entirely at the mercy of others, some are lucky enough to have loving homes while others fall into the wrong hands.

Jessica Williams

Generally speaking, when neglected dogs are rescued and brought into the shelter, the rehabilitation process just begins and it’s hard for both rescued dogs and caretakers. The scars of neglection can be deep and in extreme cases, even untreatable.

Some shelters have the means to rehabilitate rescue dogs by training them and providing them medical attention. But unfortunately, there are stuffed shelters that are unable to do so.

Meet Benji, he wasn’t an easy case. Streetlife had been rough on him and made him anxious and skeptic. He didn’t let anyone pet him or even get near him. Staff members knew he wasn’t ready yet for a regular home, but he had another thing coming for him. 

When Jessica Williams saw Benji’s photo, the right course of action was clear. Timing is everything! Jessica and her partner, Jared had just moved into their new place and felt like the only thing missing was a dog. She went online to look for some pooches, and the moment she saw Benji’s heartbroken look, she knew it was meant to be.

He lived his life on the streets of Los Angeles till one day, he was picked up and brought to the shelter. The poor doggo was in bad shape; he was infested with fleas, and his flea allergy didn’t make it any better. He didn’t trust people and was terrified of the surroundings.

Benji was lucky enough to wait only ten days at the shelter, although it was a living nightmare for him. He was depressed and scared people away.

Jessica and Jared drove for 6 hours just to pick Benji up and take him to his forever home in Sacramento, Los Angeles. When they finally arrived at the shelter, the staff members were surprised to see people coming with the intention of adopting Benji. They explained to the couple that Benji was a special case, and there may be other dogs that are more suitable for them.

Jessica Williams

They said that Benji was unfriendly and didn’t want to introduce them to him in a quiet place. But it didn’t stop the two from insisting on meeting with him because they knew he was at high risk of being put down. 

At last, when they finally met the “unadoptable” dog, they fell in love and were eager just to sign the papers and take him to his forever home. 

The 6-hour car ride wasn’t easy for Benji, he was nervous the whole drive, and it didn’t change when they arrived home.

Jessica Williams

But his fear and hesitation didn’t last long. Jessica and Jared showered the poor pup with love and positive vibes for several days, which helped him to make a huge turnaround.

Jessica Williams

Unlike what the shelter said, Benji started to be friendly and calm once he felt loved and safe. He felt comfortable enough to show his true colors and grew in personality. After a few weeks, he began to be goofy and playful, and he turned into a loving family member in no-time.

Jessica Williams

Benji teaches us that at times, all rescue dogs need is a loving companion who would show them how it feels to be loved and cared for.

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