Couple Realize Their Chubby Dog Needs A Diet After He Breaks Their Doggy Door

Some of the funniest doggos in the world are the ones that aren’t aware of their size, like a tiny Chihuahua that barks at a huge Pitbull, or an obese dog that tries to fit through the tiniest hole. The overweight dog almost broke the internet after people saw how he breaks a doggy door while trying to fit through it, completely unaware of his immense size.

Drax wasn’t always this chunky though.

The adorable pooch started life as a skinny stray in Queensland, Australia. The sister of Charmaine Hulley, who’s now Drax’s momma, saw the slender doggo and knew she had to do something to help him. The woman carefully managed to lure the dog into her car. Sadly, the pooch was so terrified that he didn’t even make eye contact for the first couple of days.

The woman, who was living with her sister at the time, brought the pooch home with her and introduced him to his four new canine siblings.

The once stray quickly fitted right in with the rest of the gang. Hully since moved out of the house, and given that she had such a strong bond with Drax, she took him with her.

Being such a devoted mother, Hully made sure that Drax always had a bowl full of food, and the doggo slowly gained weight without his momma noticing. When Drax and his momma came to visit Hully’s sister after about a year, the two were in for one heck of a surprise.

After playing outside with his brothers, Drax followed them inside, and for some reason thought he’d fit through their tiny doggy door. He tried to fight his way out and eventually freed himself by ripping the door right out of its frame. It was only when Hully’s boyfriend returned home and saw the dog walking around with a door hanging from his belly that they came to learn about the hilarious incident.

Laughs aside, this incident also came as a wake-up call for the Hully’s, who decided to put adorable Drax on a strict diet to help him lose some excess weight. We want to take the opportunity and wish Drax the best of luck with his diet and thank him for making our day a little funnier!

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H/T – The Dodo

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