Couple Finds Out Their Cat Is In Their Hand Luggage At The Airport

On the way to their 40th birthday celebration in New York couple from the Isle of Man, Nick and Voirrey Coole noticed something shocking inside their hand luggage. It was no less than their cat, Candy. The two couldn’t believe their eyes and were out of words.

The Cooles passed through security when they called into a separate room to be asked about the furry item inside their hand luggage.

It is well-known that Candy is an explorer. When she gets curious, she likes looking for boxes and bags to hide inside; therefore, after discovering that a cat in their luggage was the reason they were pulled aside, they weren’t much surprised.

The pair didn’t fill their bags to have enough room to bring shopping back, so their feline took the opportunity to jump in and go traveling the world.

The staff were confused and kept on asking whether the bag was theirs. Nick posted on Facebook: “You know that feeling, when you get ushered into a side room at airport security because you’ve got a cat in your hand luggage?”

“Candy decided to sneak into our hand bag, thanks Barry and Lorna for picking her up so we can head off on our holiday. Fair play to airport security for helping to get her home so we could catch our flight,” he explained.

The couple was grateful for the staff’s understanding and help. After they learned it was all a mistake, they were cool about it and let them wait for their friends to pick Candy up.

It was important for Nick to thank the staff for helping them bringing their beloved pet back home.

The Facebook post went instantly viral for all the right reasons; with over 1K shares and more than 5K reactions, netizens can’t help but laugh at the hilarious scenario.

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