Kindhearted Couple Cooks Thanksgiving Meal For 80 Shelter Dogs

If you think that this year’s Thanksgiving was lonelier than ever, just imagine what it was like for those who don’t have anybody to care for them… Luckily this next couple cooked these lonely shelter dogs a delicious and warm Thanksgiving meal.

Hillary and Rob Dunn of Utica, New York, are experienced volunteers at the Stevens Swan Humane Society. Similar to last year, the couple prepared a special Thanksgiving dinner for all the animals at the shelter.

The two kindhearted animal lovers prepared more than 80 yummy plates filled with festive and pet-safe dishes – Turkey, sweet potatoes, and green beans. Just a quick look at this kitty’s face reveals how delicious it all must have been!

As if this time of year isn’t crazy enough, these two went out of their way to make sure that those who needed to be loved the most got a warm plate with delicious treats! Hillary’s post has already been shared more than 92K times by the many people who appreciated the two’s efforts.

We just hope that this is the last year the couple would have to prepare a Thanksgiving meal for so many shelter dogs. If you support the two’s noble cause, you can help them cover their expenses. They currently set their fundraising goal to a humble amount of $500. You can use the following link to leave a donation through the Facebook fundraiser.

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