Couple Built A Giant Bed To Fit All Their 8 Rescue Dogs

As an inseparable part of our families, our dogs want to spend every waking (and sleeping) hour next to us, and most of the time, we do too. Some studies even show that people sleep better next to their dogs than next to their partners. But things can get complicated when you’re dealing with more than a couple of pets. The internet recently fell in love with this couple who custom-built a giant bed to fit all their 8 rescues.

This Couple Built A Giant Bed After They Struggled To Fit All Their Dogs In Their Old Bed

Following a few sleepless nights, Chris and Mariesa Hughes of Clifton Park, New York, decided that enough is enough. “At nighttime all of the dogs want to sleep on the bed and sometimes it becomes too cluttered, and we end up being pushed off of the bed or sleeping on the couch,” Chris explained to TODAY“So we built the megabed.”

The couple turned to their dog-loving carpenter friend Mike Ford for assistance. Mike built the couple a massive, giant 14 feet (~4m) long, and 7 feet (~2m) wide mega bed. “I had to make some modifications in the design and start over on the headboard because it was so large. It wouldn’t fit through the door in my shop,” Mike explained.

The humongous bed takes a king-size mattress on top, and a full-size mattress turned sideways at the bottom. It took Ford 6 months to build the gigantic bed and cost the couple a staggering $4,800. The bed is equipped with a special doggy stairway for the elder doggos who can’t climb or jump up on the bed.

Ford gave the bed his personal touch when he engraved his deceased dog’s paw print. “I added the dog print from my senior dog because they have such a heart for senior dogs themselves,” He said. The couple owns and operates The Mr. Mo Project, a nonprofit organization that helps rehome senior dogs in warm homes and covers their living expenses.

The Couple Built This Giant Bed To Fit All Their 8 Rescue Dogs

Watch Inside Edition’s video about the Hughes’ gigantic bed here:

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