Corgi Fakes His Death, Goes Viral, And Scares The Life Out Of The Internet

The picture of the mischievous corgi takes you from full-on terror and gore, to adorable and cute in seconds. We admit, even we fell for it. At first glance, the photo seemed like one of the worst things we’ve ever seen. It was only after we looked a bit closer that he hilarious truth unfolded.

The corgi wasn’t assassinated by a vicious hitman and left to rot, he simply had a messy playdate with a jar of jam, and then laid in an unconventional, yet perfect position.

After coming across the unusual photo we started digging, trying to find the source of the amusing images. We traced it back to a Facebook page called Candy The Corgi. The page features images of the naughty corgi from before, with his slightly larger corgi friend. Since the page is in Vietnamese, it is hard to know which one of the duo is named Candy and whether the two are related.
A later report on Dog Squad TV revealed that the blood-like fluid is actually a dragonfruit jam. Another video from the Facebook page shows a larger, yet equally indifferent, corgi laying on the kitchen floor completely oblivious to its surroundings:

The online community didn’t shy away from expressing the emotional rollercoaster they went through after seeing the picture.One commenter wrote: “This scared the c**p out of me!!!!! Now I’m just giggling….such a Corgi act!” another confused commenter added: “Lol I was boutta be furious at someone for a sec.”

We can’t wait for the next prank from the adorable corgi duo, and will surely keep you updated when it comes.

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  1. Lisa Ogilvie

    I had white dog get into lipstick, years ago with a similar effect!

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