Cops Take Shelter Dogs For Patrols And Find Them Forever Families

Some people would do anything to find shelter dogs forever homes. But when we heard about what Nebraska Police Department does, we were more than inspired. 

La Vista Police Department in Nebraska decided to use the opportunity of meeting lots of people every day to introduce them shelter dogs, in hopes to find them, adoptive families.

They call it ‘K9 For a Day’; they take dogs from the local animal shelter; Nebraska Humane Society and they assign them to a police officer for the day.

The main goal is to expose them to people in the community, hoping someone would fall in love and adopt them. 

It all started when they took 6-year-old Mickey with them for the day. The Bull Terrier was friendly and outgoing, he enjoyed the attention he received, and people surely enjoyed being near him. Both kids and adults were impressed by him, and undoubtedly he won some hearts. 

Gladly, a few days later, when his duty day was over, he was adopted by a lovely couple.

The Captain, Officer Bryan Waugh, believes that the initiative is helpful for the dogs, but it is beneficial for the department too.

When dogs join cops during the patrol, people are more compassionate, and it’s easier to form a bond with the community that way.

The dogs love it either way because they have a chance to spend time outside of the shelter and interact with people. 

What an incredible initiative, well-done officers!

Here’s the video of Mickey patrol day:

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