Cops Save Terrified Sloth That’s Stuck In The Middle Of A Busy Highway

Why did the sloth cross the road? He didn’t, he made it halfway across and waited for the cops to rescue him.

Although it seems like it was ages ago, it was only a few weeks since we were free to go wherever we wished. While being free to go wherever we please, whenever we please, has obvious benefits to us, humans, it comes with the cost of hugely limiting wild animal’s freedom of movement.

Before the days of the coronavirus outbreak, one tiny and adventurous sloth decided to cross a busy highway that goes through a tropical rainforest in Central Ecuador. The sloth, who evidently ran out of energy halfway to his destination, decided to stop for a rest in the middle of the road.

Concerned citizens that saw the lazy creature clinging to a guardrail, alarmed the police, who gladly rushed to the scene and performed the cutest rescue mission of their career.

After successfully obtaining the distressed animal, the officers took the sloth to the vet to evaluate its health. The Quevedo police department later updated us on his condition via a Facebook post saying: ‘We want to let you know the sloth was rescued and taken by officers to a vet who said it was in a good condition to be returned to its habitat,

Now the only question left to be answered is on which side of the road did the officers release him?

Watch Inside Edition’s video on the event here:

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