Cop Smashes Car Window To Save A Dog That’s Been Trapped In Scorching Heat For 2 Hours

Plymouth City police department received a call from a concerned citizen. The man called about a pooch that has been inside a scorching hot car for more than 2 hours. The pooch was panting heavily and in desperate need of urgent help. When the cops arrived at the scene, the right course of action was as clear as day to them. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the dog owner. The man had the nerve to get mad with the cop after he returned to his car and saw how he smashes his car window to save the life of his pooch.

The pooch, on the other hand, was simply glad to be able to breathe again. The doggo hugged and kissed the police officer, gratefully. Seeing that the owner wasn’t going to give up, the officers had to explain to him that they had every right to smash his car window if they thought that his dog’s life was in danger.

The pooch was passed on to be examined by a vet at the local RSPCA. Upon his inspection, the vet concluded that the dog was traumatized but physically fine. Owners of dogs that die or even become unwell as a result of being left in cars are considered accountable. They are (rightfully) expected to face charges for animal cruelty.

Charles Cross Policing Team shared the story on their twitter page. Sadly, with the summer only beginning, this was not the first case of a dog that’s been forgotten in a car. They summed their tweet with: “If you love your furry friends, please THINK”, which is the moral of this whole story.

Watch the thrilling moment the cop smashes the car window in the video below: 

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