Cop Rescues A Pitbull He Found Chained To A Fence In The Rain

Time after time, we come across heart-wrenching stories of dogs who are abandoned and left to fend for themselves. While the reason for giving up a dog may be (arguably) acceptable, the ways in which they’re abandoned are absolutely not. Luckily for this pitbull, it wasn’t long before a kind cop rescues him.

Officer Michael Pascale is no stranger to disturbing sights. The NYPD officer has seen it all during his long career in the force. One cold and rainy winter day, Pascal was patrolling his normal route, when he came across a heart-wrenching sight. It was a helpless pitbull that was chained to a fence in the park. The doggo looked at the officer with his helpless eyes, while shivering from the freezing cold. “When I saw Joey tied up and chained in that park, I knew I had to take care of him and I had to bring him home and give him all the love and attention that I know he deserves.” Pascal said in a video released by PETA.

Pascal sprung into action immediately. The officer unchained the pooch and took him straight to the Brooklyn ACC. Pascal knew he had to do more to really help the poor pitbull. Pascal texted his wife and told her about the doggo. She didn’t have to think twice and replied, “Bring him home!” almost instantly. While on the 72-hour waiting period, Pascal visited the pooch whenever he got the chance. He hoped that the pooch’s owners won’t show up and try to reclaim their dog. Especially not after they’d left him alone in the rain. The sweet doggo deserved a lot better.

Pascal brought him home and named him Joey. The kind NYPD officer had one last message to anyone who comes across a situation of this sort. He said: “If someone sees a situation out in the street of an animal being abused or abandoned or anything along those lines, the first thing to do is to call 911,” Pascale continued. “It really is a ‘see something, say something’ kind of situation.”

See how the kind cop rescues the pitbull for yourself, in the video below:

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