Cop Rescues Cat Stranded On A Highway Barrier And Gives Her A Forever Home

When Jason Smith, a kind-hearted police officer in the North Kansas City Police Department, saw a fluffball stranded on a highway barrier, he had no idea that this moment is going to change his life. The thrilling moment the kind cop rescues the cat was caught on video, and it’s incredible to watch.

Officer Smith was patrolling the six-lane highway when he saw a tiny, terrified kitten stranded in the highway divider. Without any hesitation, the cop pulled over and carefully approached the helpless kitten. “Here kitty kitty kitty,” the man said while approaching the terrified little feline. He lifted the cat, who didn’t seem too enthused about the whole scenario, but things were soon to change.

The second the officer set the kitten on the floor of the car, she immediately jumped and rubbed herself against him. Smith brought her back to the station with him, before taking her to a rescue shelter. At the shelter the devoted staff cleaned the kitty up, fed her, and she finally got her much-anticipated nap.

A few days later, Officer Smith dropped by the shelter to see how his tiny kitten is doing. At the shelter, the officer came to learn that no one claimed the kitten as their own. The right course of action was clear to the kind animal lover. He took her home and named her Bella, because, well, she’s just the prettiest little thing.

Smith already had two rescue kittens and one rescue dog. The man’s senior cat, Mocha, passed away a few months earlier, and he had room in his heart for another feline. Apparently, so did his pets, because sweet Bella fitted right in with his little squad.

You can follow Bella’s adventure on Instagram.

Watch the heartwarming moment the cop rescues the cat in the video below:

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