Cop Chucks Shoes And Socks To Rescue A Puppy From A Dark Tunnel

Officer Joe Brazil is a dedicated policeman that treats every dispatch with the utmost importance, so it came as no surprise that the cop went out of his way when he was called to rescue a puppy in need.

It all started when a woman named Peggy Edwards saw a terrified Yorkshire terrier puppy running away from a passing vehicle, into a tunnel under the road. The tunnel had a small stream running through it, which made Peggy concerned that the pup might drown. She later told her side of the story via a Facebook post: “April 30th, a little dog was running free and was frightened by a passing car. It ran into a tunnel that a nearby brook flows through. She was stuck about 20-25 ft. in and was clinging to the side.”

Living around Woonsocket, RI, for a while, Peggy had full confidence in the local police department, and sure enough, she wasn’t disappointed by their immediate response.

Within a few minutes, Officer Brazil arrived at the scene and immediately got to work without even the slightest hesitation: “He went in without hesitation and came out with a very wet, scared little dog. Great guy, Lucky dog. We are very happy he was able to save the little gal,” Peggy continued to describe the event on her Facebook post.

In a later interview with WJAR NBC10, the kind cop recalled his moment of heroism: “As I got closer, I could see Cece just clinging to the side and just shaking, (the dog was) very, very frightened.” Out of fear of scaring the doggo even deeper into the tunnel, the clever cop slowly approached the frightened puppy and allowed her to smell his hand to gain her trust. It worked perfectly! “It just seemed like she was almost saying thank you. Like she knew I was there to help,” Officer Brazil recalled.

But while the daring rescue mission was taking place on one side of town, the pooch’s mother, Michelle Perez, was in the midst of a search mission on the other side.
As it was later revealed by WJAR NBC10‘s interview, the puppy, who answeres to Cece, wasn’t a stray. According to Michelle, she received Cece from her mother in law a day before she escaped. “She’s only 5 months old. I wasn’t able to sleep,” Perez said, “All I kept doing was just driving around, calling her.”

Thanks to one observant woman and a determined kind-hearted cop, the daring rescue mission turned out to be successful, and the puppy was finally reunited with her mother.

Watch the full news story and interview with Officer Brazil here:

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