Convulsing Dog Is Rescued By Police From An Extremely Hot Car

Police in Lakeside, Colorado were shocked to find a helpless dog locked in a 123-degree car. The poor soul was convulsing, unable to control its own body from the excessive heat damage.

A heroic policeman immediately smashed the window in order to save Pedro the dog, while the owner of the dog was nowhere to be found.

The heartbreaking footage was caught by police officer Dave Kornowski’s bodycam, showing the act. The little chihuahua’s heavy breathing could be heard from more than a feet away, indicating the state he was in.

Officer Kornowski said: “The dog couldn’t even bark, he was panting so heavy. His mouth was so dry, he couldn’t even control himself…”

Little Pedro was put in a shopping cart and was splashed with water to cool off, then moved to an air-conditioned Walmart until veterinary help came and took him to an animal hospital.

Reportedly, Pedro has sustained brain damaged from the ordeal and might be paralyzed.

Upon finding Pedro’s owner, he seemed more concerned about the car’s damage than his own dog. He took off but was later arrested by police.

Pedro was taken to Wheat Ridge Animal Medical Center and was in critical condition, but is expected to survive. Later he was taken to Foothills Animal Rescue in Golden, CO.

Thank god the policemen officer Dave Kornowski and his partner had been there!

Watch the video of the rescue below

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