Construction Workers Find Little Animal Turning To Stone In Concrete

A cement plant in Arizona experienced an unplanned delay after a worker discovered something shocking. While pouring concrete, he noticed something odd. A slab of drying concrete had a patch of fur sticking out of it.

Workers examined the slab in question, and realized that the patch of fur was actually a small animal- namely, a raccoon! Apparently, the animal had fallen into the mixture overnight, become trapped in it as it began to congeal.

The most shocking news? The raccoon was still alive!

The workers acted quickly to rescue her. They found a wooden plank and dropped it into the vat of cement. The raccoon was on the verge of exhaustion but managed to grab onto the plank and slowly climb her way out.

Unfortunately, just as she was on the verge of escaping, she slipped and fell back into the deadly substance. Her fur was once again covered in hardening cement, weighing her down, but she persevered.

She began to crawl up the wooden plank yet again, and this time she made it to the top. At the end, she collapsed. Her once-shiny coat was covered in concrete, and she completely out of energy.

The workers called the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center (SWCC), and volunteers arrived soon after. After understanding the situation, they realized that they had to add quickly to save the poor animal.

The raccoon had lost a lot of body heat and the concrete was in danger of suffocating her. The volunteers had no idea how to safely and painlessly remove the concrete. After first, they tried to warm the raccoon with blankets, but then they realized that the heat was also causing the concrete to dry! After some discussion, they decided to shave her with electric razors.

Two volunteers began the process. It was tedious work, the blades became dull quickly and needed to be changed frequently. After an hour of painstaking work, the concrete was finally all removed… along with all of the raccoon’s fur.

The recovered but the hairless raccoon was given a soothing bath, and was on her way to a complete recovery!

Now, a week later, she is almost back to her old self. Thanks to the hard work of the volunteers and the compassion of the workers, an innocent animal was rescued from certain death.

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