Construction Class Students Practice By Building Kennels And Donating Them

The best way of learning to do something big is by starting small. Apparently, the same rule also applies when building houses. 

The whole story began when Leonard Venghaus, a Texas high school teacher, instructed his students to build small-scale house models in his construction class.

One of Leonard’s students pointed out that the miniature houses could also potentially serve as dog houses instead of just being taken apart, and going to waste. The teacher, who was highly impressed by his student’s creative thinking, immediately contacted the town’s animal shelter, offering to provide them with new kennels. Pleased by his proposal, the animal shelter gave the students a green light, and mass production has begun. After a few attempts, the students mastered their skills, and the colorful dog houses were ready for delivery.

There’s no doubt that all of Leonard’s students are now master builders, but they’ve received their most valuable lesson on the day they came to the shelter and donated their creations.

Watch KVUE’s news report on this story here:

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