Conservation Officer And His K-9 Partner Have A Hillarious Official Photoshoot

Kenobi is a dog that takes his job as a K-9 Conservation officer very seriously, but this adorable photoshoot proves that he also knows when to wind down.

Kenobi and his human, Officer Levi Knach, work for Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR). As part of their job, the two are in charge of locating traces of criminal activity, detecting illegally taken wildlife, and locating missing persons, all are very serious tasks, without a doubt. Though, despite their demanding daily routine, the two know when to relax and have a good time.

When they sat down to have their official portrait photoshoot together, Officer Knach tried to pull off his straightest face. Kenobi, on the other hand, had other plans.

The sweet pup couldn’t retain himself from showering his human with snuggles and kisses

Kenobi just loves his human so much. At this point, even Officer Knach can’t help himself and cracks a smile. We can’t blame him…

Finally, after numerous attempts, Kenach managed to adjust his hat and calm his loving partner down (at least for long enough to snap this portrait), but we all know that they’re just putting on a show.

The two are just inseparable, even when on desk duty they’re all over each other

Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources, are so lucky to have Kenobi and Knach on board. After all, a good relationship between officers is the key to solving any crime.

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