Compilation Of Pictures Depicting The Unique Bonds Humans Have With Their Pets

The bond humans have with animals is deep-rooted and goes back to the dawn of humanity. According to recent researches, the human race wouldn’t have survived if it wasn’t for the unique relationships it established with fellow animals that roam the earth. 

Owning a pet has countless benefits to both the owners and the animal – 

Petting an animal is a proven method to relieve stress, children who grow up around pets have shown to have stronger immune systems, taking a pet out for a walk provides numerous opportunities to form social connections.

But we’re sure that if you’re reading this, you probably don’t need us to list all the benefits and blessings an animal can bring into your life.

So instead, sit back and celebrate with us the special bonds people form with animals in our special human-animal bond compilation:

This kitty lost his momma for 5 hours. When he finally found her, he ran and gave her a huge hug
The boyfriend of this kitty’s owner seems to have a stronger bond with the feline than with her human mother
This kid is sooo lucky to grow next to a doggo that loves and protects him 
After returning from a 2-day business trip, this kitty wouldn’t leave her owner’s side
Molly only falls asleep when she’s given belly rubs
Whatcha lookin’ at?
Hi! Give me some attention too! Why are you always staring at that box??
This soldier left for deployment. His dog missed him so much that he cuddled in his bed and sniffed his pillow all-day
What an awesome couple!
This kitty does everything that his human brother does
And last but certainly not least – These adorable pooch’s don’t want to let their momma go on the day of her wedding… this is just TOO CUTE

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