Competitive Bloodhound Decides to Take Part in a Marathon and Wins a Medal

Meet Ludivine, one of the sweetest, fastest Bloodhounds. She lives with her beloved family in Elkmont, Alabama. 

When her owner let her go to the bathroom the other day, she decided to step out of her family farm’s borders and follow unlikely sounds from far away. She was drawn to noises of people cheering and having fun, and wanted to be a part of it. 

Comically, Ludivine stumbled onto a marathon, that was just about to begin.

The sweet canine didn’t know what a marathon was, but she knew what a joyful crowd looks like. So, with no second thought, the sweet pooch hurried to the starting line. Her FOMO didn’t let her miss out on the exciting event.

Once the marathon started, Ludivine kept racing with all of the runners sticking to the leading group. The doggy was obviously in remarkable shape. She had fun running with everyone and being a part of the fun.

The funny thing is, that it didn’t seem like she found the challenge difficult; it was as if she was jogging for fun. Although the sweet pooch had literally stopped to smell the flowers, chase after a rabbit and even play with some cows, she finished the race in 7th place!

After an hour and 33 minutes, the adorable Bloodhound was still ready for more. She was so happy and excited by all the people around her.

The sweet pooch received a medal for her achievement, and the name of the marathon changed to “The Hound Dog Half”, to commemorate her and the funny occurrence.

While the independent pup was let out to the bathroom, she was drawn to a marathon that was happening nearby, and decided to participate.

The sweet pooch ran the entire marathon with the leading group, happy and excited by the thrilling occasion.

Even though the sweet doggy took her time, she finished the race in 7th place!

She received a medal for her incredible achievement.

She had so much fun, running around with everyone, that she wanted to keep running!

The marathon’s benefactors were astonished by the canine’s incredible achievement, that decided to change the name of the race to “The Hound Dog Half” as a tribute to her.

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