Community Cat Visits The Woman Who Helped Her And Takes Her To See Her Babies

The New Yorker animal rescuer, Vanessa, dedicates her time to help hungry community cats in her neighborhood. When a cat came to her backyard to ask for some food, she knew she was in the right place.

A short time before the cat’s visit, Vanessa found another rescued cat a forever and there came another one to ask for help. A sweet cat paid a visit to her property asking for food. It was clear that the poor cat was shy, but she was so hungry that she had no choice but to ask.


Vanessa tried to gain the feline’s trust and make her feel comfortable.

Then she discovered the cat’s pregnant belly and understood that she asked for help because the mother had a litter to take care of. It started to be a daily thing, and Vanessa was expecting her every day at the same time.


But one day, the community cat didn’t show up for some reason. A day later, she came back with a flat belly, and there was no doubt that she had given birth.


The strong mother was so hungry she scarfed down a whole can of wet food and then even asked for more! 

Vanessa waned the new mom to trust her enough so she would show her the kittens. Then the cat mother started to show up three times a day to ask for food; we can’t blame her, she was breastfeeding kind of hungry. 

While the cat was eating her meal, the rescuer attempted to pet her, and eventually, the mom started to trust her.

Then one day, the feline let Vanessa follow her to her kittens, and there were four tiny baby cats happy to see their mom.


As days passed by, the sweet cat became more trusting and friendly in Vanessa’s company.


The community cat was pretty punctuated, and when Vanessa was late for a minute, she would go to get her from the door.

Here’s the adorable cat mom:

Then mommy started to relocate her kittens to another place, and Vanessa thought it was time to step in and find the feline family a safe place.


While the cat mom ate her meal, Vanessa to the chance to pick up the kittens and their mom was fine with that. 


The mom was happy to stay at a safe foster home with her litter. Having a comfy bed and food was everything to her.

Vanessa created an adorable Instagram account for the beautiful feline family. Make sure you stop by!

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