Comedian Jon Stewart Establishes With His Wife Sanctuary For Abused Animals

As The Daily Show host, Jon Stewart retired from the show business, he decided to dedicate his time to making the world a better place.

It is known that the comedian is an animal lover, and for that, we admire him. But not only that, Jon and his beloved wife, Tracey, are compassionate human beings, they would go above and beyond to rescue animals in need.

When the Stewarts decided to take in into their family farm two rescue pigs, they never thought that it would turn into a small zoo.

A few years back, Jon and Tracey heard about two poor pigs who had been through many hardships and decided to take them in. And while kindness is contagious, it didn’t take long till their family farm expanded and became a remarkable sanctuary for abused animals.

After adopting their two chubby pigs, they went on to adopt four rescue dogs, but it wasn’t enough for them. The next thing they did was making an adorable addition to their rescue animal family, which consisted of two guinea pigs, three rabbits, and two fish.

The animals who were fortunate enough to live in the Stewarts’ sanctuary learned how it feels to be loved and cared for.

But besides rescuing plenty of animals, Tracey is an outstanding animal advocate who wrote the extraordinary book Do Unto Animals.

When Jon retired back in 2015, they decided to make their 12-acre farm into an actual Farm Sanctuary that welcomes many other abused animals.

Their first sanctuary inspired them to establish more branches across the U.S, and the next one will be the fourth. The Stewarts bought a farm in New Jersey to make it a Farm Sanctuary. They intended to gather more advocates, educate learners, and build new leaders.

Today, the sanctuary is called Hockhockson Farm and houses in goats, cows, sheep, turkeys, and more. They all live an incredible life together.

Here you can see more photos of the adorable animals enjoying their lives at the farm.
When the Stewarts started their “Do Unto Animals” mission, Gayle King paid a visit to talk about the inspiring initiative.

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