Colorado Couple Charged After Forcefully Dragging Their Horse In The Snow

Unlike tractors and machines, horses actually have their own wills and desires. This can lead them to be stubborn at times, but that’s definitely not an excuse for the kind of behavior like the one seen in the video below.

Facebook/Alison Richards

The disturbing video below shows John Saldate (59) forcefully dragging his horse ‘Trigger’ using a pickup truck across 100 ft in the snow, to the other side of his farm after the latter refused to answer to his demands. The poor horse desperately tries to break loose and resist, but he’s no match for the powerful truck. John’s wife Amber Rose Saldate (33), who filmed the event, can be heard commenting in the background: “This a**hole refuses to leave the ranch, so John’s pulling him across because he’s being a douchebag.” For some unknown reason, Rose thought it would be a good idea to share the alarming video with her Facebook friends.

Facebook/Alison Richards

The video soon reached animal lover Alison Richards who reposted the video on her own account captioning it with: “I’m just going to leave this right here 😡 Volume on…People involved here are Amber Rose Saldate and John Saldate of Grand Lake, Colorado NOT myself.”

Facebook/Alison Richards

the video soon reached 55K viewers and commenters were (rightfully) outraged: “You have no business owning any animal if that’s how you treat them!!! You don’t think they have bad days, just like you?? Anyone that does that should be drug behind a vehicle themselves!! I have 4 horses currently, all are rescues, even through their ‘temper tantrums’ I’ve never beaten them or drug them anywhere! You work through it.”

another commenter added: “These people are abusive idiots. Jail & permanently prevented from ever having or working with any animal should be enacted and enforced.”

Alise responded to the event on an interview on CBS4 saying: “You make one bad decision sometimes and it can destroy your life, I’ve lost my job over this, I’ve upset a lot of people. I made our horse go through something that he shouldn’t have. I was wrong.”

The Colorado couple were charged with animal cruelty. Trigger was seized by the Colorado Humane Society, who examined him and determined he was in good health. He was later transferred to a welfare center and he’s now awaiting to be rehomed.

Facebook/Alison Richards

We wonder what sentence judge Michael Cicconeti would have given these people – Read the article Below

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