College Student Turns Her Spare Closet Into The Most Adorable Bedroom For Her Dog

Betsy’s first year in college wasn’t easy. She was living in a cramped and smelly dorm room and kept getting home-sick. All she wanted was to have the comfort of Cupid, her 12-year-old Chihuahua. Betsy had Cupid since she was in 3rd grade, and wasn’t going to give up on having her by her side. Nevertheless, Betsy knew that her tiny dorm room was no fit for her best friend, so she had to wait until she found a place of her own.

Betsy Redfern

After her freshman year, Betsy found a large apartment to rent. The apartment had a master bedroom with an extra closet, that was shortly repurposed by Betsy into the cutest dog bedroom we’ve ever seen. The pooch’s royal suite features; a tiny custom 4 post bed with hand-sewn blankets, a comfy rug, a rack for all of Cupid’s clothes, and a bucket for her toys. Needless to say that the color palette used in Cupid’s adorable room, was carefully picked to complement Betsy’s bedroom. 

Cupid even has a pet of her own – Betsy’s 5-year-old turtle Caru, who shares the room with her. 

When the holidays came along, and Betsy decorated her apartment she figured she’ll give Cupid’s room a festive touch as well. She went to the nearest Target and picked up a miniature Christmas tree, along with all of its ornaments just so her precious dog could get a taste of the holidays. That has to be one of the sweetest things you’ve read today!

Betsy Redfern
Betsy Redfern

Cupid room doesn’t only serve as a means of spoiling the tiny pooch but has a rather practical use too. Whenever Betsy is on campus she can focus on her studies knowing that Cupid is safe and cozy in her perfect little room.

Betsy Redfern

Cupid is lucky to have such a caring owner, that would do anything possible to keep her safe and make her comfortable.

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