College Student Bursts Into Wildfire To Rescue Her Dog

When Natasha Wallace saw the California wildfires spreading towards her house, instead of running away she rushed through the flames to get her beloved four-legged companion, Bentley. 

As masses escaped the deadly wildfire, Wallace knew she had to go back to her house to rescue her dog, and so she did. It was 2 AM when she went back to her place after studying for hours. The college student saw the fire spreading and the first things she thought about was her favorite furry creature, her Pit Bull, Bentley.

When she arrived home, she picked her dog up, put him in the car, and started driving far away from the flames. But it’s not the end of the heroic story. Wallace and Bentley got stuck in a long traffic jam that was the result of the massive evacuation. She knew she had to make a quick decision for the flames got closer.

And so, the young dog owner made a brave decision to go back to the house and evacuate by her bicycle. But how is it possible to do so with a dog? Nothing stopped her for saving her beloved Pit Bull. She grabbed a duffel bag, told Bentley to jump in and carried her 70-pound companion while riding several miles.

Suddenly, an evacuee saw the undivided duo escaping the wildfire and offered to drive them away from the flames. They jumped into the car and drove till they arrived at safety.

The incredible evacuation story was successful thanks to the joint effort of Wallace, Bentley, and the kind evacuee. 

Watch the full story in the video below:

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