Bat Rescue Group Posted A Collection Of Adorable Bat Pics To Show How Harmless They Are

Bats Qld is a non-profit organization that operates in Queensland, Australia. Their volunteers help rescue and rehabilitate injured bats, flying foxes, and Microbats. In addition, Bats Qld took it upon themselves to educate people on the importance of these magnificent creatures to the ecosystem. Lately, as a result of the growing number of misconceptions about bats, Bats Qld released this collection of adorable bat pics, and they’re definitely worth your time.

It seems that since the dawn of time, various myths surrounded bats. Regardless of what many people think, bats play a significant role in maintaining the balance of our ecosystem. For example, the same eucalyptus forests that koala bears rely on to survive, are pollinated by flying foxes. In addition, flying foxes, whose diet also consists of insects, help control their population as well.

Another misconception people hold on bats is that they’re dirty. This is simply wrong. Bats are extremely clean animals, who clean themselves just as often as cats. Some people believe that bats swoop people. Yet again – this is nothing more than a myth (but hey, at least this one is rooted in a bit of truth). In a similar way to paragliders, bats can’t fly in a straight line like a bird. They must drop to gain momentum before they can fly up. This act can easily be mistaken for swooping by someone who’s unfamiliar with their customs.

Last but not least – the most common myth about bats is that they carry a lot of diseases. As anticipated, this myth recently blew out of proportion so much, that in some places it’s almost considered a fact. All living creatures carry diseases and bats are no exception, but they certainly don’t carry MORE diseases than any other species. In Australia for example, bats only carry one disease (Australian Bat Lyssa Virus), which affects less than 0.01% of their population.

Okay, that’s enough talking about bats for today. What you’re really here for is their adorable pictures:

Share this collection of adorable bat pics with your friends, and help debunk some of the myths and misconceptions that surround them!

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