Chimera Cat Fathers Two Kittens With Each Of His Colors

The natural world is full of incredible mysteries, and Narnia is unquestionably one of them. The 3-year-old cat has a rare chimera-like condition, which causes him to have a two-toned face. Recently, news saying that the remarkable two-toned cat fathers a litter of two kittens, one with each of his colors, emerged online and cast doubts about him being a chimera cat.

The Stunning Chimera Cat Who Fathers A Litter Of Two Kitttens, One With Each Of His Colors
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According to Wikipedia, Chimerism happens when “a single organism composed of cells with more than one distinct genotype“. In the case of Narnia, and all other males for that matter, Chimerism occurs when an organism has an extra X chromosome in the embryonic stages of development.

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Stephanie Jiminez, Narnia’s owner, had him examined by a geneticist who determined that the cat only carries one DNA. This, of course, means that he does not have chimerism, which makes him even more unique. It’s very uncommon to see black cats with blue eyes like Narnia’s. Usually, it’s only white cats that have blue eyes.

The Remarkable Chimera Cat Fathers Two Adorable Kittens
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Chimera or not, we were pleased beyond words when we heard that the remarkable cat now fathers two adorable little kittens. The two offspring have each of Narnia’s colors. Prada has a radiant deep black coat, and Pheonix has a gorgeous grey one.

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Feeling right at home in the UK, Narnia is actually a French cat, who was born and raised in Paris. Narnia moved with his owner, Stephanie Jiminez, who’s a professional cat breeder when he was a couple of months old. Both Phoenix and Prada are already a year old now, and each found their loving forever homes in the UK. Their mother, Narnia will remain with her owner, who may allow him to continue to breed. While the cause of Narnia’s unusual appearance remains a mystery, even to her own owner, there’s one thing that indubitable – Narnia is one stunning cat.

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