Children Notice A Dog Tied With A Bungee Cord And Do Something Incredible

We can say a lot of things about today’s kids, but the truth is that there are some amazing children young people out there.These big-hearted four kids amazed the internet by doing a heroic thing. When 7-year-old Kevin Dancy, 11-year-old Kenneth Dancy, 7-year-old Andrew Daniels and 13-year-old Kenny Dancy noticed a hapless dog that was tied with a bungee cord and was left all alone they knew they have to help the poor soul.

The four heroes didn’t wait for a second and immediately sprang into action. The little rescue team wanted to show the poor pup that they wanted to help, so they pulled out some meat and managed to trap her with a jacket.

They couldn’t leave her there all alone to fend for herself, and so they took her home, to safety. The kids took such good care of her; she was given plenty of food and good company. They even gave her a name, ‘Sparkle’.

Despite the horror Sparkle had been through, she was friendly to her dear rescuers. The pictures show that she was thankful for their dedicated care.
When the story reached the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, they wanted to help the boys. The staff members let the kids know that she was in good hands. She was going to receive proper medical treatment, and they promised to look for a perfect home for her.

Here’s an interview by the WDIV Click on Detroit of the four boys:

The inspiring boys gave the poor pooch a second chance for a better life. Detroit Pit Crew’s Straight Outta Detroit Project help to send Sparkle to Pet Tales Rescue in Grand Rapids, Michigan which took her in.

Sparkle found a loving foster family, and she’s no longer has to live in a lonely cage.

Thank you, young men, for making it happen! You are truly guardian angels.

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