Chihuahua That Can’t Walk, Becomes Best Friend With Pigeon That Can’t Fly

We humans have so much to learn from the fellow animals with whom we share our planet. The sweet Chihuahua and pigeon in the next story show us that no matter the species or ability, a true friendship can form with anyone at any time. 

Last month Lundy an adorable two-month-old Chihuahua, was brought to The Mia Foundation Animal Center. The shelter houses animals with birth defects and helps them find a loving home, to prevent them from being put down.

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Lundy came from a North Carolina breeder who noticed that the tiny pup suffered from spinal damage that prevented him from walking. Soon after his arrival, the pup that couldn’t walk befriended the shelter’s oldest resident – Herman, a pigeon that couldn’t fly.

Sue, a volunteer at the shelter, was the one who introduced the odd couple to one another. As soon as she set Herman the pigeon next to Ludy on the bed, the two started interacting with Herman expressing maternal behavior towards the pup. This led Sue to believe that Herman was mistaken for a male all this time.

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Sue took pictures of the cuddly couple and uploaded them to the shelter’s Facebook page. The post instantly went viral, with more than 6.5 million views, 43,000 shares more than 20,000 comments and likes, at the time of writing.  In addition to overnight fame, the post also earned The Mia Foundation Animal Center over $6,000 in donations.

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Despite the two’s immediate bonding, their relationship wouldn’t be a long-term one. While Herman is a permanent resident of the shelter, Sue hopes that Lundy will soon be capable of using a wheelchair, and will find a loving family to adopt him.

Watch a local news report on the event from WHEC news:

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