Chihuahua Gets Her Own Room For Staying At Home Most Day By Herself

Who said “dog’s life” is something bad? This senior doggo has it better than all of us! Meet Cupid, a 12-year-old Chihuahua from Mississippi. Her owner Betsy Redfern couldn’t leave Cupid behind, so she brought her four-legged friend with her to college.

Being a college student is pretty stressful, you are swamped up with all the tiring tasks and classes. So, Cupid had to spend most of her time all by herself at Redfern’s appartement.

Redfern felt pretty bad about it so she decided to make her a special room she could enjoy for times in which her owner wasn’t home.

Her dreamy room is to die for! Betsy put a cozy shag rug and asked her mom to design a fitted four-poster bed and comfy comforter especially for her baby. Her mom also designed a stylish curtain that matched the whole room. But what kind of a dog’s room is it without the dog’s name in it? She made a special sign of the pooch’s name ‘Cupid’.

Besides having a princess room she also had clothes to hang, so Cupid’s mom hung her tiny clothes up using hangers.

It doesn’t stop there, when Christmas comes Redferm decorates her room so she can enjoy Christmas’s spirit as well.

We think that Redferm has done quite a good job of keeping her baby pampered and happy (to say at least).

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