Channel 5 Now Hiring Naughty Dogs

All pet owners share the dreaded feeling of coming home and not knowing whether the house and assorted furniture are still intact. Some dogs like chewing carpets or the sides of furniture while others find it calming destroying doors. 
If your dog excels when it comes to ruining your beautiful home (life) then Dogs Behaving (Very) Badbehaviorly, Channel 5’s show is the perfect destination!

The second season is about to start and Channel 5 is looking for some crazy dogs to make us all laugh.

Channel 5 calls your outrageous dogs to apply: “If you need Graeme’s help with your dog’s bad behaviour and would like to take part in the next series of Dogs Behaving Very Badly please contact the production team at [email protected] or call 020 7598 7365.”

The dog trainer Graeme Hall, ‘DogFather’, is a dog whisperer, his skills, knowledge and experience help dogs feel and behave better altogether. He invites doggo owners to sign up on twitter!

Viewers were hooked by the addictive show; Hall impresses and inspires dog owners all over the world, he believes that there’s hope for every dog. He knows how to analyze their behavior and tackle the issue. Somehow, he always succeeds!

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