Celebrities Come Together To Make An Awareness Video For Abused Dogs

As humanity is far behind when it comes to the basic understanding of how to treating animals, some people speak up for those who can’t do it.

Meet the “outdoor dogs”; they are held most of the time chained in back yards, suffering from extreme weather, not feeling loved, nor receiving any attention.


Sadly, many uneducated people buy or adopt dogs just to chain them in their backyard just for show without understanding how horrible it feels.

But for celebrities, Casey Affleck, Edie Faclo, Tom Hardy and Bill Maher the right course of action was incredibly clear. The four compassionate public figures decided to make a video to raise awareness in hopes of making a real change.

Being chained outdoors for a long time can harm them both physically and mentally. The video was generated to show people how horrible it feels to be chained outdoors.


It’s important to spread the word and let people know that dogs are not objects, they’re living creatures who need love, affection, and shelter as much as humans do.


If you know someone who chains their dog outdoors daily, please let them how torturing it is and try to help out.

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