Cats Fall In Love With Each Other And Communicate Through The Window

Every person has their dreamy next-door love. But some find their true love in the next building window. When Simon saw Theo for the first time, he watched him from a distance and was smitten by him.

Though it was love at first sight, unfortunately, there were two windows separating between the two cats.

One day, Simone’s owner, MacKenzie, noticed her orange tabby looking through the window at something, the sweet cat looked completely fascinated. When she looked over the window to see what it was all about, she was shocked

Her sweet furball was captured by an adorable feline from the other building. She was surprised to see how mesmerized he was by the neighbor cat. It was like a scene from an old movie, MacKenzie knew she had to share it with the world on Twitter.

“My cat Simon is in LOVE with my neighbor’s cat and waits all day for him. Will keep y’all updated.”

Her tweet went quickly viral, and people were hooked by Simon’s fascination with the cat next door. Ever since MacKenzie spotted her in love cat staring at the neighbor cat, she noticed that he had been doing it every day.

MacKenzie decided to take action and reach the other cat somehow.

She came up with an idea of making a sign and tape it to her window: 

“What is your cat’s name? Love, Simon”

After a while, Theo’s owner noticed the sign and was so excited for Theo. 

She wrote a letter on behalf of Theo and taped it to the window, waiting to hear back from the neighbor cat:

“Hi Simon, I’m Theo. You’re my best friend.”

Both owners didn’t want the cats to have a long-distance relationship, so they decided to open the windows the felines could talk to each other. 

On Simon’s birthday, he was dressed nicely and wanted to show Theo his attire.

People were completely in love with Theo and Simon’s love story, so she wrote to Theo another sign says:

“Theo, we went viral on Twitter.”

And he replied,

“Simon, we did it!”

Then Theo’s owner decided to create the sweet feline his own Twitter account so they could communicate via twitter.

Finally, both owners agreed to set a meeting, Simon said:

“1 hour! Waiting by the front door.”

They were a bit shy at first, but once they felt more comfortable, they became best friends.

“Simon is following Theo around like a puppy … We think it went as well as it can with cats! Only a couple hisses, no fights, and lots of butt-sniffs.”

The cat duo has captured people’s hearts, and they became extremely viral. 

When one day they spotted another neighbor cat from the window, Simon asked if they could call it Alvin as in Simon, Alvin and Theodore from The Chipmunks.

We can’t wait to hear more about the inseparable couple’s friendship!

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