‘Catios’, The Coolest Way To Keep Your Cat In A Safe Space

“Summertime and the living is easy”, it’s summertime and our beloved cats are excited to go out exploring all the good things that summer has to offer. Some cats enjoy going out and make some new friends while others, rather stay at home. But it can be quite dangerous for a cat living in the city or even in the countryside; cars passing by, predators, diseases, etc.

The ‘Catios’ is the perfect solution, whether you have a yard, deck, balcony or even just a window the Catios allow your cats doing their thing safely. Catios are patios that were built especially for cats; you can give them the whole summer experience without putting them at risk.

‘Catios Spaces’ is the one to lead this concept businesswise, they offer chic designs that you can download with instructions on how to build a catio using basic materials.

As you may see, some took it to a whole new level. It is incredible to see what people can do with a bit of creativity and lots of love for their cats. These Catios are unbelievably beautiful and fun, kind of making us wish we were cats too.

Would you build your cat a Catio? Is your cat an outdoor or an indoor cat? Tell us what would you do and what you think about the Catios; Did the owners take it too far or are they the best cat owners?

Only a cat lover can establish such an amazing business, meet Cynthia Chomos, the founder of the company. She wanted to create safe spaces for cats to enjoy summer.

Her inspiration was her beloved car, Serena. She adopted her after she lost her 22-year-old cat companion. 

Since she is a nature lover she wanted her cat to spend time outside without being in danger. And so she carried out a makeover in her backyard that allows her adorable cat enjoying outdoors safely. 

You don’t want to miss the video of the 4 catios she has installed Serena’s Garden Getaways

Seeing the adorable cats enjoying their new safe spaces is one of the most rewarding feelings for Cyntia. Her amazing business keeps creating incredible brilliant designs that change cats’ lives.

Keep on scrolling down to see the coolest catios out there

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