Cat With Penis-Shaped Mark On Its Face Is Looking For A Home

Meet Daisy, a nine-year-old sweet cat from Australia who is looking to find her forever home. But… there’s one small thing that you should know about her. The beautiful feline has a mark in the middle of her face that can be likened to a penis shape.

The Mini Kitty Commune

People go crazy about her pictures since with a small amount of imagination; it perfectly looks like a male organ. Yes, we know it’s funny, but it’s unique! Those who will have the honor to adopt her would be so lucky because she’s the sweetest thing.

The male organ mark that’s between her eyes makes people look away and adopt other cats. The Sydney animal rescue group, The Mini Kitty Commune took the adorable girl in, and for now, they take good care of her.

The Mini Kitty Commune

The rescue wrote on Facebook: “Some say she has unfortunate facial markings but we call it totally unique.” 

Unfortunately, for now, it seems like no one is able to look past the mark that’s on her face and see the incredible cat she truly is. Poor Daisy is an adult cat with the most amazing character that has been living in a cage. All she asks for is a safe and calm place to live her life as a loved cat. 
They added, “Daisy is 9 years old and ready to spend her time snuggling on anything warm & happy to watch the world go by.
She is very easy going and doesn’t want for much, she loves company of humans but has also been around other cats so will do well after correct introductions.”

The Mini Kitty Commune

Daisy is more than ready to be adopted, she is microchipped, vaccinated, and spayed. The adorable feline is an affectionate furry companion; she loves cats, humans, and cuddles.    

Her story and pictures got extremely viral, so let’s hope she finds a loving family soon.
Please contact The Mini Kitty Commune for more information about Daisy and other homeless cats.

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