Cat Showes Up In A Woman’s Apartment Carrying A Cat, And Comes Back With More

A Texas woman, Linda Zardain, had been caring for neighborhood community cats for a long time. She worked hard to gain their trust by putting food out in hopes they would realize she had their best interests at heart.

Linda noticed that a sweet calico cat started to follow her, so she sat down, and surprisingly the feline let Linda pet her. With time, she gained more confidence and started to show up more often. But the stray cat was still skeptic; whenever she saw a stranger coming on her way, she would flee.

When Linda realized that the community cat intended to be friendly, she knew that over time, they would have a close bond. The feline lover decided to name her Callie, and with lots of patience, the cat gained more and more confidence.

The duo bonded to the degree that Callie would stay with her human friend, making Linda thinking about making Callie her pet.

One day, Linda noticed the community cat had a belly bump, and when she had a closer look, she learned that the feral feline was actually pregnant. The right course of actioned seemed incredibly clear to the feline lover – she decided to coax her into her home so she could rest at safety.

But unfortunately, Callie was gone for a few days until Linda was told that a mother cat had been carrying her kittens in the neighborhood. Linda had a strong feeling that it was Callie and decided to look for her.

When a neighbor left the scene, the mother cat showed up, carrying one of her babies. Surprisingly, Callie walked into Linda’s place and went directly to a birthing box that Linda set for her.

Then, one by one, she brought her five kittens to the safe and cozy birthing box. Callie trusted Linda with her newborns and let her pet them as she nursed and gave them round the clock care.

Linda took incredible care of the litter, and even watched the Kitten Lady’s (Hannah Shaw) videos, to ensure that she did the best she could.

The feline family was lucky to have a safe abode since a storm arrived a few days after they moved into Linda’s apartment. The newborns settled in and blossomed as they grew in size and personality.

When Linda was looking for a forever family that will adopt Callie, she realized they belonged together.

The foster mom patiently waited till all the kittens would be adopted, and eventually, they all found a loving home.

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