Cat Plummets Seven Stories After Being Thrown Down Garbage Chute

Jealousy knows no bounds, apparently. In a horrifying display of animal cruelty, an Australian man decided to take his jealousy out on his girlfriend’s cat. While she was away, he tossed the poor creature down a seven-story garbage chute.

The 21-year-old man’s girlfriend unwittingly left her precious pet, Hibala, in the suspect’s care on multiple occasions. The man then made use of these opportunities to exact revenge on the innocent animal.

In this latest atrocity, the cat fell down seven stories and landed in the pile of trash at the bottom, where he remained with severe injuries for several hours until his owner came back and noticed that he was missing.

The suspect avoided jail time but was sentenced to pay a hefty fee and to fulfill corrective orders. None of this helped the poor abused Hibala, however. He was seriously wounded- suffering from severe inflammation, an exposed bone, and a fractured tail. In order to save his life, vets were forced to amputate a large portion of his tail.

Sadly, this was not the only time that Hibala was the victim of animal cruelty. In a different event, his owner noticed that he had a bump on his nose. She asked her boyfriend to take him to the vet, but he refused.

Luckily, a friend took the cat to receive proper medical attention. There, the full extent of his injuries was discovered: Fractured bones, serious wounds on one of this paws along with several wounds on his face.

The local magistrate was in shock, he didn’t know how to react to such situation.

The suspect received a $4200 fine along with a two-year community order- including three months of intensive corrections.

In another fitting punishment, the magistrate ruled that the man is not allowed to own or be in charge of any living creature for the next 10 years.

Hibala is now living safely away from his abuser, recovering from his terrible ordeal. Hopefully, he will recover completely and learn to trust human beings again.

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