Cat Mother Brings Her Babbies To The Woman Who Helped Her

There are incredible people out there that are dedicated to helping stray cats. Apparently, the cats never forget them. When a feral feline from Los Angeles welcomed her little kittens to the world, she wanted to take care of them in a safe place.

The worried cat mother remembered that there was a compassionate lady who had been helping her. She provides food for the strays and works with Alley Cat Rescue to make their lives much better.

Cats can get pregnant every three to four months and so the caring rescuers cannot keep up with all the litters that need their help. Unfortunately, lots of kittens do not survive life outdoors. In order to decrease the phenomenon, the rescuers place traps all around the neighborhood, hoping to trap them and get them spayed. 

It was almost impossible to trap this feline mother; they tried for months and didn’t succeed. 

One day, the cat lover opened her front door and saw something heartwarming; the cat she used to help was there with her litter. The cat mother knew that she could trust that woman, and so she brought all her kittens to the lady’s porch. After she weaned her youngsters, she brought them to her food source so they wouldn’t starve.

Happily, Alley Cat Rescue provided them a foster care that would make sure they have everything they needed. She finally got spayed, and now she could live her life without getting pregnant every four months. The community feline was happy that her kitties were safe and sound.

It just a matter of a few days, the youngsters started to gain some confidence; they socialized with their caretakers and even asked to be petted. They had the time of their lives! When they don’t nap, they run around and climb everything they see.

Likely, the feral kittens wouldn’t survive the harsh elements of the outdoors, but luckily, their mom took good care of them and brought them to the right place.

The kittens’ mother is now under the lady’s care and lives a calm, happy life and the rescue group will find the playful kitten forever families as soon as they are ready.

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