Cat Loves Sinks So Much That Her Family Bought One Just For Her

Out of all the things in life that don’t make any sense, love probably tops the list. If you ask someone why they love a person, they may list things that they didn’t even realize they liked before meeting that person. This next cat absolutely LOVES sinks. Hey, we warned you – love doesn’t have to make sense.

This Cat Loves Sinks

Lapis and Lazuli were adopted when they were just tiny kittens. It didn’t take the new kitty parents long to realize that Lazuli has a special and quite unusual love for sinks. Even as a tiny kitten, Lazuli used to sneak into the bathroom to chill in the sink. Being so tiny though, Lazuli couldn’t get out on her own. She had to meow for her parents to help her get out.

Out Of All There Is To Like This Cat Chose Sinks

Seeing how much their cat LOVES sinks, Lazuli’s parents decided to treat her to a brand new sink! They went to Home Depot and found the perfect sink for their kitty. It wasn’t even all that expensive compared to what a ‘real’ cat toy would have cost them. But who cares anyway? It was a small price to pay in comparison to how happy it made her.


The couple bought the new sink and drove back home to present it to their sink-loving feline. The look on her face said it all. Lazuli loved her new sink from the very first moment. Now, after having it for a few months, Lazuli still spends almost all her free time curled up in her beloved sink. Luckily for her, the other cats in the house don’t seem to share her enthusiasm, leaving the sink just for her.


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Love Doesn't Have To Make Sense. This Cat For Example Loves Sinks

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