Cat Lover Leaps To Syrian War Zones To Rescue Abandoned Cats

While people in Kafr Nabl in Syria left the town in the wake of airstrikes, Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel went against the stream straight to the destroyed town in order to rescue stranded cats.

Prior to the hardships in that area, people evacuated to safety, but lots of them couldn’t take their pets with them and had no choice but leaving them to fend for themselves.

Aljaleel, who is known as “Cat Man of Aleppo,” knew how hard it was for people to leave their furry pals behind and decided to risk his life in hopes of saving cats’ lives.

The feline lover and his team put around town cat food and learned that the abandoned pets joined the stray ones and wandered around the streets together.

When the team spread food around, some cats approached them as if they already knew they were going to helo them, which made it easy to trap them. 

The dedicated volunteers set trap cages and left some food inside, hoping they will come inside so that rescuers would be able to drop the cage doors.

They estimate that they have trapped 83 felines who already have been taken in by the House of Cats Ernesto. They are now at safety and have three meals a day, freshwater and lots of love.

Although the prolonged dispute hasn’t come to an end, the rescuers go back every day to Kafr Nabl to save as many cats as they can. Aljaleel is known for going to Syrian war zones while masses escape the life-threatening areas. Back in 2016, he worked as an ambulance driver and stayed in endangering places to rescue stranded cats.

A year later, he established a feline sanctuary for displaced cats would have shelter. He called it after his cat Ernesto, House of Cats Ernesto.

When his cat sanctuary was destroyed in 2017 during the horrible conflict, Aljaleel had to take Ernesto and fly to Turkey. Luckily, it didn’t take long till they came back to reopen the rescue in Aleppo.

Aljaleel and his dedicated team have been working ever since to rescue animals in need, day and night.

The sanctuary needs monetary help in order to maintain their incredible initiative. You can help by make a donation here.

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