This Cat Has Facial Markings That Makes Him Look Permanently Sad

If there’s one thing that the internet community loves more than cats, it has to be cats with unusual facial expressions or unique markings. This next cat has markings on his face that make him look permanently sad, and it’s actually quite adorable.

A TikTok user by the name of Simpson Xin was the first to share videos of the unique-looking kitty with the rest of the world. She spotted him roaming the streets of Shanghai, where she lives. Her first video of the kitty reached an incredible 2 million views.

One commenter pointed out the fact that “the cat is a real-life emoji!”, which he kind of does when you come to think about it. Another commenter was a bit more concerned for the feline’s wellbeing and wrote: “What happened to you? Why are you looking so sad!”

Many of the commenters raised their concern for the cat, who looks malnourished and homeless. Xin soon assured them that the grumpy-looking stray is being taken care of. By her, of course. The kind woman visits the cat every day to bring him food and water. Sadly that’s the most she can do. Xin already has a kitty at her small Shanghai apartment and doesn’t have room for another one.

Do you know anyone who lives in Shanghai? Let them know about this kitty and maybe they could help find him a home.

Watch the hilarious video Xin made here:

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