Cat Left Behind By Owners, Walks Into Neighbor’s Home And Finds Love Again

When one fluffy Ragdoll cat was left behind by his owners after they’d moved away, it seemed like he’d never find love again. He wandered around the cold streets of his neighborhood, with very few people even noticing his existence. He moved from one trash can to the next in desperate search of food and warmth. Happily, these days didn’t last very long.

The homeless and helpless little furball eventually ended up on the doorstep of one of his neighbors. The woman who recognized the cat, took him in, in spite of the fact that her husband was severely allergic to cats. She set up a nice warm bed for the kitty in her garage, as far as possible from her hubby as possible. She knew that it was only a temporary solution. Luckily, she had the perfect plan in mind.

Everyone’s at the woman’s workplace knew that Debbie Harris is the ultimate cat enthusiast. Harris fostered numerous cats for more than 10 years and was the go-to person for every cat-related issue. It only took one picture of the Ragdoll to convince Harris to adopt him. Harris took the kitty to the vet who examined him and gave him all the shots he needed. Despite living on the streets for a while, the cat was in surprisingly good shape.

Harris decided to name the kitty Valentino since she adopted him around Valentine’s Day, and of course, because the gentle giant is “such a lover”. Valentino spends his days cuddling with his human. He clearly feels very grateful for having such a caring and loving mother.

The Ragdoll cat was once left behind by his owners, but they never truly loved him. Now he has all the love and warmth that he deserves, thanks to his kind neighbor and his new pet-mother.

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