Cat Leaps Into Mother’s Arms After Being Lost For 536 Days

One common misperception of many people who’ve never owned a cat is that felines are naturally standoffish and indifferent. The kitty in our next story proves that this couldn’t be farther from the truth.
The kitty, who was adopted from the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter by Mindy and Luke Criner, was at first somewhat shy. He would cuddle in the corner of the room all by himself, and watch as the other kitties play. Mindy could see in the feline’s eyes that he was desperate for love and affection, but didn’t know how to show it.

Mindy Criner

After a few months with the Criners, the kitty gradually grew confidence and opened up to them. He loved to play with his sibling felines and roam their backyard for hours. When Mindy gave birth to her first baby son, the kitty was the first to jump on his bed and greet the new member of the family.

Mindy Criner

Then, one day, the kitty was strolling outside as always. As the sun came down, Mindy called him inside, just like she did any other day, But to her surprise, the kitty was nowhere to be found.

Criner didn’t waste any time and did everything she could to bring her kitty back home safely. She contacted the woman who’s in charge of the Lost & Found Pets – Hampton Roads, VA Facebook page, to spread the news as fast as possible. the couple hanged posters all over town and informed everyone they knew about their tragic loss. They even placed a small box with the cat’s favorite food, in desperate attempts to draw him back with the familiar smell, but, unfortunately, all their efforts turned unsuccessful and after a few months, the two began to lose hope.

Mindy Criner

They never forgot about the kitty, but came to accept that they’ll probably never see him again. But then, more than a year later, 536 days to be exact, Criner got her much-awaited call. Someone found her cat!

Mindy discovered that for the past year and a half, the cat was fed by a kind man who had mistaken him for being a stray. The kitty was unfortunately hit by a car, so the man brought him to the shelter to receive treatment. There the cat’s microchip was scanned, and his real identity finally reveled.

The woman contacted the kind-hearted man and drove to his house as fast as she could, fighting to hold her tears. When she got there, the cat was casually hanging on the man’s porch, having a snack. As soon as he saw his previous owner though, there was no doubt that he recognized her.

Mindy Criner

Mindy was careful not to scare the cat. She sat on the stairs and allowed the feline to make the first move. The cat quickly sat on her lap and purred continually. She lifted him and took him to the car, where her husband, who has a ‘distinct voice’ was talking to the man who was feeding the cat. As soon as the kitty heard Luke’s voice he started purring even stronger and gave Mindy a long ‘head boop’. He finally found his way back home.

Mindy Criner

When they got home the cat settled in immediately. He was happy to reunite with his siblings, both feline and human, and reclaimed all his old toys and favorite spots around the house almost as if hadn’t left at all. He was finally back where he belonged.

Mindy Criner

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