Stray Cat Leads Woman To A Store And Points At His Favorite Food – She Adopts Him

Love them or not, no one dares to question the fact that cats are one of the most intelligent beings on the planet. We’re sure that if there will ever be an IQ test for felines, the next kitty will, without a doubt, top the list.
The incredibly smart cat miraculously overcomes the mother of all language barriers, leads a woman to a store, points out his favorite cat food, and finds himself a loving forever home. If that’s not the most impressive thing you’ve read today, we envy you.

It all started when Tania Lizbeth Santos Coy Tova, a primary school teacher from Piedras Negras, Mexico, stopped by her local grocery store on the way back from work. There the 33-year-old woman spotted the white cat patiently sitting next to the supermarket’s door and looking at her. Seeing how adorable he looked, Tania approached the kitty and petted him for a few seconds. A few gentle strokes were all it took to win the feline over. Watch the historical moment in Tania’s video below:

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Apparently, the moment Tania touched the kitty, was the moment he realized that he found what he’s been longing for – a loving and compassionate human. When the woman turned away and entered the supermarket, the kitty followed her in, and quickly took the lead, showing her the way to the pet food section. There, the smart kitty paw-pointed at his favorite cat food brand, begging her to get him his favorite treat. That’s right – the smart cat somehow leads the woman into the store and paw-points at his favorite food. Incredible!

Tania was charmed by the cat’s personality. It wasn’t just cat food that the cheeky feline got that day. He also, for the first time ever, got a warm and loving forever home. The woman brought the feline home with her and named him Conejo, Spanish for “rabbit” because he’s missing his tail.

Conejo had many wounds to heal, both physically and mentally. He was covered with scars and marks from past street fights. He had an overall sad appearance and was terrified to be left on his own.

Conejo is the first animal that Tania ever owned. She said that having her “little rabbit” taught her the importance of showing love, respect, and empathy towards others, and we couldn’t agree more.

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