Stray Cat Knocks On Woman’s Door Begging To Be Let Inside From The Cold

One Quebec woman was enjoying a relaxed winter morning when an unusual guest showed up at her door. She was stunned to see how an orange stray cat knocks on her door, begging to be let inside from the freezing cold.

Looking at the helpless stray’s face broke the woman’s heart. Luckily for the cat, the woman was no stranger to helping strays. She’s a long-time volunteer at Un Chat à la Fois, a cat rescue group from Quebec.

 Un Chat à la Fois don’t usually take in senior strays. It only took one picture of the helpless little feline to get them to make an exception. The woman brought him in to be examined just a few hours after taking him in from the cold.

The woman could tell that this stray was desperate for her help, just from the fact that he didn’t try to run away like strays often do. A quick checkup by the vet revealed how bad of a condition the kitty was in.

He was covered in fleas from head to tail, had horrible frostbites, he was covered in wounds from street fights, diabetes, and a few rotten teeth. There’s no doubt that if it wasn’t for the kind woman’s help, he wouldn’t have survived.

Despite everything he’s been through, the stray was happy to finally be noticed by humans. He was very friendly to the staff at the clinic and constantly asked to be petted.

A few days at the clinic were enough to improve his health enough to continue on to his new foster home! But not before they gave him a fresh new start with a brand new name – Aslan, after the lion from The Chronicles of Narnia.

Aslan’s lively personality soon shined through. He was clearly very happy to finally be in a warm dry place. Aslan showered his new foster mom with endless kisses and cuddles. 

He also got to share his new home with another foster cat, named Cleo, who quickly became his close playmate. Perhaps it was their mutual background that brought these two so close together. Within a week or two, the two were inseparable.

When it came time for Aslan to find his forever home, his foster mamma couldn’t bear the thought of separating him from Cleo. So she decided to keep him! Don’t you just love happy endings?

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H/T – The Dodo

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